knitted-kKnitted Knockers are a soft, lightweight breast prosthesis that are very comfortable to wear and are made available free of charge to women who have undergone mastectomies or lumpectomies.

 Knitted Knockers Ireland – Knitters and Crocheters is a public group set up on Facebook to co-ordinate volunteers all around the country who knit and crochet Knitted Knockers.  These are then provided free of charge to women across Ireland who request them. Our main point of contact is via our Facebook group Click Here


This pattern has been adapted to U.K. terminology, based on patterns from 

Knitted Knockers in DK on 4 DPN – UK terms V3

Other Sizes

If you need a pattern for a larger size, email Ann at and she will send it to you.

Knitted Knockers ready for dispatch with love to those who need them